NTA Releases NEET Dress Code 2022

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has released a set of NEET dress code 2022 guidelines for the candidates soon to be appearing in the NEET UG 2022 exam on 17th July 2022. The aim of the NTA behind rolling out the dress code rules is fair conduct of the medical exam and prevention of malpractices at the examination centers. All the candidates appearing for the exam are required to follow the dress code guidelines strictly without fail. 

As mentioned in the NTA dress code for NEET UG 2022, there are particular dress codes for male and female candidates to sit for the exam. There will be strict checking of the candidates at all examination centers, and those who violate such rules will not be allowed to enter the exam halls. 

NEET 2022 Dress Code For Female Candidates

  1. Avoid wearing clothes with heavy embroidery work, sequins, patches, large buttons, brooches, etc.
  2. Footwear with thick soles and high heels is not allowed. Slippers and sandals with low heels are allowed.
  3. Jewelry items like rings, earrings, nose pins, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and pendants, are not permitted inside the exam hall.
  4. Full-sleeved clothes are not permitted sitting for the exam. Only half-sleeved clothes are permitted.

NEET Dress Code 2022 For Male Candidates

  1. Full-sleeved shirts or t-shirts will not be allowed in the exam hall. Male candidates must wear half-sleeved shirts and t-shirts for the exam.
  2. Kurta Pajama is strictly prohibited in the exam halls.
  3. Do not wear heavy clothes with large buttons, zip pockets, embroideries, etc. to the exam hall. Simple and light clothes are permitted. 
  4. Avoid going for the exam wearing shoes. Wear simple slippers or sandals with thin soles to the exam center.

NEET UG 2022: Provisions For Customary Dress

According to the order of the Delhi High Court, Sikh candidates are allowed to carry a kirpan, kara, and/or kanga with them for the NEET exam. Moreover, Muslim female candidates are also permitted to wear burkha. Candidates wearing a custom dress to the NEET UG exam centers have to state this fact in the application form for the NEET exam. Such candidates must reach the exam hall at least 30 minutes before the exam for proper frisking. 

NEET 2022: List of Prohibited Items 

  1. Communication devices such as mobile phones, smart watches, Bluetooth, microphones, earphones, etc.
  2. Stationery items like pencil boxes, calculators, pens, plastic pouches, textual materials, electronic pens, writing pads, log tables, pen drives, scales, erasers, etc.
  3. Food items and personal water bottles.
  4. Jewelry items
  5. Fashion accessories like goggles, wallets, belts, caps, handbags, etc.
  6. Metallic items

However, diabetic candidates are allowed to carry their medicines, fruits, and water in the examination hall. 

Students can also find NTA NEET dress code 2022 guidelines on their NEET admit cards. 

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