Postgraduate Medical Degrees from Abroad  VALID IN INDIA!

After much speculation and deliberation, all the medical postgraduates from various countries can now feel the respite that their master’s degrees will soon be acknowledged and recognized in India. Primarily only a few English speaking nations like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK, USA had the privilege that all the master’s degrees of the students were valid in India. China, Russia, and several other countries had to bear the brunt and the medical postgraduates degrees from these countries were not recognized in India. 

Recently it has been announced by the Board of Governors – Medical Council of India, that postgraduates from any country across the globe will be allowed to practice medicine in India and will be hired by Medical Colleges, Hospitals, Nursing Homes on the basis of the results of DNB (Diplomate of National Board) Exams. 

This will further pave new avenues for FMGE students and encourage them to enroll in various countries for pursuing master programs on the basis of their budget, preferences, other requirements. Currently, the postgraduate degree can be obtained only through two ways – One from Postgraduate Board headed under the medical education regulator & second, through NBS headed under the Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. This is a meticulous process and forces a huge number of medical graduates to enroll in renowned foreign universities for the Masters Program in Medicine.    

All the graduate medical students, who wish to practice medicine in India will have to qualify the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination organized by MCI- Board of Governors for practicing medicine in India legally. 

The percentage of medical graduates, who clear the MCI licentiate exam has been increasing gradually because of many medical graduates from various countries are willing to come back and practice in India. With the introduction of DNB exams in the system for medical postgraduates of any foreign nation, will give an equal opportunity for only qualified post-graduate doctors to practice in India. 

This step will further strengthen our position in the field of medicine and increase the number of trained doctors in India. Eventually, we as a country will have a higher say in the field of medical science and contribute better to serve humanity.

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