National Medical Council releases an official notice for Foreign Medical Graduates.

On 22 November 2023, The Undergraduate Medical Education Board of the National Medical released an official notice clarifying and addressing various issues faced by Foreign Medical Graduates in Ukraine and the Phillippines. The notice provides explanations for various challenges encountered by these individuals who have completed their medical education in Ukraine or the Philippines.

Clarification for FMGs from Ukraine

1) FMGs who have completed their medical course in Foreign medical institutions in offline mode

FMGs are required to obtain Provisional Registration from the concerned State Medical Council and must undergo one year of CRMI as per CRMI Regulations, 2021. They are entitled to stipends on par with Indian Medical Graduates.

2)FMGs who had a break in the final year and returned to India due to COVID-19 pandemic or war

Graduates are required to undergo one year of mandatory clinical clerkship in India to compensate for the training deficiencies from the parent medical college or institution. Additionally, the Indian Medical Colleges or Institutions can charge clerkship fees from FMGs up to Rs. 5,000 per month. Upon successfully completing the clerkship, FMGs can take up one year of internship and are eligible to receive a stipend equivalent to Indian Medical Graduates during clinical residency.

3)FMGs having a break in the Penultimate year owing to COVID-19 Pandemic or War

FMGs having a break in the penultimate year majorly due to the COVID-19 pandemic or war have to practice 2 years of mandatory clinical clerkship supported by a logbook. Similarly, the Indian medical institutes are entitled to charge clerkship fees up to a maximum of Rs. 5,000 per month. Successive to clerkship, during CRMI, these students are eligible for stipends as par with the Indian Medical Graduates.

4)Allowing FMGs from Ukraine to continue studies abroad

National Medical Council, in continuation of the Academic Mobility Program, extended the scheme as a one-time measure for the FMGs returning from Ukraine to avail the benefits of the scheme so as to complete their remaining medical course. Please take note that the transfer or migration must be utilized within a period of three months from the date of notification.

Clarification for FMGs from Phillippines

In accordance with the FMGL Regulations, 2021, NMC has de-recognized the BS Course in the Phillippines. However, FMGs enrolled in the MD courses on or before 18th November 2021, are allowed to continue. Upon completing the medical course from the Phillippines, graduates are required to complete one year of internship after qualifying for FMGE exams in order to compensate for the training deficiencies.

Issuance of Eligibility Certificate (EC) to FMGs

The Indian government has recently granted a one-time exemption for Indian citizens and Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) who pursued pre-medical education outside India in the years 2018-19 and 2019-20. The eligibility criteria for this exemption are based on age and marks obtained in the 10+2 examination. This exemption has been granted in consideration of the unique circumstances faced by the affected students. It is hoped that this exemption will provide relief to the affected students and enable them to continue their education without facing any unnecessary hurdles.

Capping of Time Limit for FMG Examinations

Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGs) must present themselves for the FMG Examination/NExT within ten years of their completion of medical training outside of the United States. Such compliance ensures that the FMGs possess the required knowledge and skills to provide quality healthcare services to patients in the United States. Therefore, it is highly recommended that all FMGs fulfill this requirement in a timely manner to maintain their eligibility for medical licensure and practice in the country.

The purpose of this notification is to redress the concerns associated with Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGs) hailing from Ukraine or the Phillippines and to rationalize the procedures involved in their assimilation into the Indian Medical System.

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