UGMEB releases new guidelines for the Foreign Medical Graduates

The Under Graduate Medical Education Board of the National Medical Commission has issued new regulations for Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGs) concerning the conduct of internships. This announcement comes as the follow-up of the previous notification dated 9th May 2023, which addresses the provision of supplementing online classes with practical training. 

The board has identified malpractice related to obtaining compensatory certificates from parent universities for online classes conducted during course completion. The Board further emphasized maintaining the quality of training for future doctors. To prevent such malicious practices, the board has decided that certificates claiming compensation for online theory classes will no longer be accepted. 

With the implementation of these regulations, Foreign Medical Graduates who have attended any part of their classes online will be required to pass the Foreign Medical Graduates. Following this, they must undergo compulsory rotating medical internship for a period of two to three years, which includes one year of repeated internship to ensure comprehensive practical and clinical training. 

Since its publication, the new regulation introduced by the National Medical Commission represents an important step in ensuring all medical professionals in India are adequately trained and prepared for their roles. 

Candidates are advised to regularly visit the NMC’s official website to stay updated and compliant with the latest regulations and guidelines.

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