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About University

People’s Friendship University of Russia is one of the leading universities for MBBS in Russia. The University's campus is situated in one of the most picturesque places of Moscow. The university is ranked by the Ministry of Education of Russia as the country's third-best university after Moscow State University and Saint Petersburg State University and was founded in 1960 as the People’s Friendship University.

The People’s Friendship University of Russia is the only university in the world where more than 27 thousand students study from more than 140 countries of the world. It is recognized by MCI, WHO, UK, USA and other major countries.

You can also become one of the students of People’s Friendship University of Russia, start building your successful future now!


  •  Agrarian faculty
  •  Faculty of Humanitarian and social sciences
  •  Engineering faculty
  •  Faculty of the Russian language and general educational disciplines
  •  Medical faculty
  •  Faculty of Science
  •  Philological faculty
  •  Ecological faculty
  •  Faculty of Economics
  •  Faculty of Law
  •  Institute of Hospitality business and tourism
  •  Institute of foreign languages
  •  Institute of international programs
  •  Institute of World economy and business
  •  Institute of Medico-Biological Problem

Accommodation Facilities

People’s Friendship University of Russia is the winner of the “Best campus’ Moscow Mayor’s Prize. The university occupies 50 hectares of land near a large park and hosts 27 buildings, sports and medical facilities, hostels and shops.12 comfortable hostels have cozy rooms and well-occupied kitchens. There is a TV and Free Wi-Fi in every room. At the disposal of students are Laundromats, dry-cleaners, ateliers and beauty salons. All buildings are a walking distance from each other.

The Hostels are situated in 5-storey and 16-storey buildings offering double and triple bedded self-contained rooms including water and electricity expenses, furniture, cooking and washing facilities. All the hostels are well guarded with police security.

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