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About the University

The esteemed V.N.Karazin Kharkhiv National University is more than 214 years old and was founded by the direct orders of Tsar Alexander-I given to the prominent educationist V.N.Karazin. During the Ukrainian National Renaissance of 19th & 20th Century, the university became a hub for science, academics and cultural gatherings. By virtue of this legacy, it is now that the university still enjoys the title of Classical Ukrainian University and renowned in many countries.Many famous educators, scholars and researchers like O. Pohorelov, O. Lyapunov, M. Kostomarov, M. Barabashov, P. Hulak-Artemovskyi, V. Steklov, M. Beketov, A. Krasnov are associated with V.N.Karazin Kharkhiv National University.

Biologist I.Mechnikov, Economist S.Kuznets and the Physicist L.Landau are the Nobel laureates trained and employed by the University. More than 100,000 students have graduated from the University and contributed significantly to the development in different field of education.

Various streams of Higher Education Institutes founded as a result of the initiative taken by the academicians are:

  • National Academy of Law
  • National Pharmaceutical Academy
  • Kharkiv Medical University
  • Kharkiv Pedagogical University
  • Kharkiv Veterinary Academy
  • Kharkiv Academy of Culture
  • Kharkiv Economic University and other institutions of higher education.

Faculties Available:

  • School of Biology
  • School of Physics and Technology
  • School of Radio Physics
  • School of Physics
  • School of Computer Sciences
  • School of Philosophy
  • School of Mechanical Engineering
  • School of Geology and Geography
  • School of Economics
  • School of Foreign Languages
  • School of History
  • School of Philology

Institute Gallery

Fee Pattern Total Fee 1st Year Total Fee 2nd-6th Per Year Grand Total
Per Year 6800 USD 5400 USD 33,800 USD