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Qingdao University is located in the eastern coastal city of Qingdao, China between the coast of the Yellow Sea and Mount Fushan. Since then, Qingdao University has developed with a good teaching staff and a complete range of disciplines with high reputation among similar domestic universities. With around 23 colleges, Qingdao University enclose 80 undergraduate programs that includes such disciplines as liberal arts, history, law, economics, management, sciences, engineering, medicine, and education.

The campus of Qingdao University is spread in the area of about 1,090,000 square meters. There is a big library with above 3,000,000 books. The university has leading teaching facilities and a competent campus structure.

Yearly, the university employs more than 50 qualified native foreign language teachers with long-term work contracts and over 100 visiting professors on a short-term basis.

Fees 1st year Hostel Per Year Onetime Charges Misc. Charges(per year) Total 1st year charges Total 2nd to 5th year Total 5 years Fee
RMB In Rs. RMB In Rs. RMB In Rs. RMB In Rs. RMB In Rs. RMB In Rs. RMB In Rs.
30000 300000 11000 110000 INCL 400 4000 41400 414000 41400 414000 207000 2070000
1 RMB= Indian 10/- (Approx. For calculation purpose). ?Rate is used for calculations purpose ? the student has to pay as per the rate from time to time & as mentioned in admission letter. ?Food Expenses as per individual students need ?One time charges & Misc. Charges include physical Examination, Registration fees, health Insurance, Books & study Material,Residenc Permit. ?The Fees Structure may change as per direction of the university form time to time. ?Hostel Charge depends on the available rooms/accomation type.?Though due care is taken while perparing this fee structure chart there may be changes in the fees depending on the circumstances and university updates, kindly confirm the university details and fee details form you reliable sources, ?Before leaving for China the student is needed to convert the first year expenses to be paid to Universityes in RMB through Education Abroad..

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