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About University

Established in the year 1958, the University is an exclusive higher learning medical institution of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. In the previous times, the University was called Ningxia Medical College. The University is located in the capital city, Yinchuan.

Ningxia Medical University is spread in the area of 833,000 square meters (approx.). It consists of above 90 training hospitals, 17 teaching institutions, 12 teaching hospitals, 11 affiliated hospitals, 10 teaching assistant departments, and 4 scientific research institutions.

The university is known to have 5660 teaching and faculty staffs, which has 735 full-time teachers, out of which there are 422 professors and associate professors. About 52.24% of professors have the Master’s Degree and 30.48% have the Doctor’s Degree.

Currently, there are about 26,000 students in the university. 9376 are full-time students, 1256 are postgraduates and 122 are foreign students. The university forms professional discipline system with local characteristics, which focuses on medical disciplines, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine coexisting, and multi-discipline coordinated development.

Fees 1st year Hostel Per Year Onetime Charges Misc. Charges(per year) Total 1st year charges Total 2nd to 5th year Total 5 years Fee
RMB In Rs. RMB In Rs. RMB In Rs. RMB In Rs. RMB In Rs. RMB In Rs. RMB In Rs.
34000 340000 5000 50000 2280 22800 2500 25000 43870 438700 41500 415000 209780 2097800
1 RMB= Indian 10/- (Approx. For calculation purpose). ?Rate is used for calculations purpose ? the student has to pay as per the rate from time to time & as mentioned in admission letter. ?Food Expenses as per individual students need ?One time charges & Misc. Charges include physical Examination, Registration fees, health Insurance, Books & study Material,Residenc Permit. ?The Fees Structure may change as per direction of the university form time to time. ?Hostel Charge depends on the available rooms/accomation type.?Though due care is taken while perparing this fee structure chart there may be changes in the fees depending on the circumstances and university updates, kindly confirm the university details and fee details form you reliable sources, ?Before leaving for China the student is needed to convert the first year expenses to be paid to Universityes in RMB through Education Abroad..

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