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About University

Jilin University Founded in 1946, combined with the former Jilin University of Technology, the former Bethune Medical University, the former Changchun University of Science and Technology and the former Changchun College of Posts and Communications in 2000, and with the former University of Military Logistics in 2004.

Humanities and social sciences, seven key laboratories sponsored by the Ministry of Education and eleven by other ministries of Chinese government.

JLU offers a variety of degree programs.

  •  115 undergraduate programs.
  •  192 master's degree program.
  •  105 doctoral degree programs.
  •  Seventeen post-doctoral programs.

The year of 2003 saw the enrollment of a total of 59,000-odd full time students among whom more than 10,000 are graduate students. At present there are 5700 faculty members, with fourteen members of Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1270 full professors, and 1652 associate professors.

This dedicated education community is a guarantee of excellence in teaching and research. For years, the University.

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