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About University

Black Sea National University has the oldest history with different names at every stage of history. As a Black Sea National University it was discovered in 1996, and also called with a name of 'Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University'. It is a branch of National University "Kyiv Mohyla Academy (NaUKMA); which was marked in 1992 as the epitome of western type liberal arts College providing education of the highest caliber which integrates with the international educational standards.

It is the only university of Ukraine that combines western educational technologies with national traditions (Liberal Arts Education). Within a little span of time, the institute entered the list of Ivy League of Ukrainian Universities. In 2002 it acquired the status of an independent State University for the Humanities named after Petro Mohyla.

After independence of Ukraine, Black sea area had become the area of high economic importance in the country. Thus, in 1965, the university opened a branch called "Kyiv Mohyla Academy" which began training various professionals for the specialization needs by teachers from the Ukrainian State Sea Technical University which was in association with the government.

Even being the youngest university, Black sea national university has achieved the tremendous heights for itself, in research community both nationally & internationally and has become the most eye-catching destination in the Southern part of the country.

BSNU invites leading foreign scholars to give lectures, hold seminars and various workshops, and encourages expansion in practices of the students and teachers by embracing opportunities to study abroad. The university holds an astounding number of employees with about 310 teaching staff and enrollment of about 4000 students.

The University has attained much recognition from various international bodies like -

  • In the year 2009, BSNU was placed at 24th out of 200 in international recognition and
  • 40th in the overall UNESCO ranking of Ukrainian universities which is a good indicator for a young institution.

University firmly believes in International cooperation as a part of formation and maintenance of the educational quality standards. Regarding the same purpose, University has the strong links with different international organizations & foreign universities.


Medical Institute

  • Department of Physical and Medical Rehabilitation
  • Department of Medical Biology, Human Anatomy, Histology, Cytology and Embryology


Black Sea National University offers a variety of accommodation options to suit your needs and provide a convivial environment to the students. As part of the service to International Students, Black Sea National University is available to help you with your accommodation needs and will help you to settle down into your choice of hospitality.

Student Life

University owns an art gallery which exhibits the ancient and noble traditions, which are of importance to the Ukrainian culture. It showcases the conscious concern for aesthetic, spiritual growth of students in communicating with real works of art, spiritual culture.

The lifestyle of a student studying in Ukraine is full of active social activities and travelling to various places, which makes the overall experience very memorable for the students.

The management organizes numerous activities, contests and cultural programs at local student communities. It tries to present a very competitive and active environment for students by engaging them in fests, events, competitions which is both for entertainment and enhancing their productivity.

Institute Gallery