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About University

Georgian American University (GAU) is a distinguished institution availing highest academic exposure to the students. GAU started its journey as an MBA project in 2001 and later in 2005, Business School and Law School were formed at the Georgian American University. Following the success of both Business and Law School, GAU opened Liberal Education and Humanitarian Sciences School. GAU had a mixed journey of success, challenges and changes. 
The university assures the students to provide quality education with all the required assessments. They train the students to gain skilled knowledge for a firm career. GAU construct the students both academically and personally by offering them all the basic needs. The supreme motto of the institution is to develop competitive doctors for the future and the faculties are successfully fulfilling it.


•    School of Medicine


Students all over the world enrol to Georgian American College and the institution provide these students with a secure environment. The students are provided with a well-equipped hostel including all the basic amenities and needs. They provide all delicacies and especially for international students, Indian food is offered. 

Student Life 

GAU promises development of both vocabulary and phraseology for their career. In GAU, the students are given the best academic experience. The students are provided advanced computer labs, library, and information centre along with medical facilities. The students are given a safe and developed.

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