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About University

The University of Georgia is a substantial university which owns 9th national rank. The University of Georgia offers discriminated quality education and aims to develop extra-ordinary talents for the future. With advanced academic services, the university enriches their student’s skills. The university offers a group of excellent faculties, who guide the students during the academic period. 
The University of Georgia is located in Tbilisi. The students are availed with a safe and alluring environment. The university also offers different disciplines along with advanced practical assessments. 


•    Nursing
•    Pharmacy
•    Dentistry
•    Medical Education


The University of Georgia welcomes students all over the world constituting different nationalism and cultures. The university provides them with complete security. The students are offered a well- equipped hostel with a good atmosphere. The university provides notable treatment for their international students by offering them all the requirements and day-to-day needs till their graduation.  The University of Georgia primarily focuses on social and personal well-being.

Student Life

Students can easily study in recognized top universities of Georgia without appearing for any additional entrance exams. The students get a quality education and a wonderful infrastructure for the best academic journey. There are special student clubs to promote their ideas and to develop their skills. The university offers a world-class experience to the students by fulfilling all the academic and personal needs.

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