Jilin University

Jilin University

Jilin University is one of the leading national universities under the jurisdiction of Chinas Ministry of Education providing MBBS in China. The university was founded in 1946 and is situated in Changchun, the capital city of Jilin Province in the Northeastern region of China.  

At present, the university has 8 campuses in 5 districts with 39 colleges offering 11 academic disciplines in economics, law, philosophy, medicine, agriculture, history, science, engineering, literature, agriculture, education, and management. Jilin University offers various programs such as 115 undergraduate programs, 192 masters degree programs, 105 doctoral degree programs, and 17 post-doctoral programs.

In the year 2003, Jilin University enrolled a total of 59000 full-time students out of which 10000 are graduate students. The university currently comprises of 6,874 faculty members including members of the Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering, professors and associate professors.

The university is recognized by various medical council bodies including MCI and other bodies and is enlisted with WDOMS. The graduates are working in different parts of the world contributing to the better health of the society.


  • School of General Medicine (MBBS)


Accommodation provided by the university to all international students is secure and comfortable. The rooms are provided on a sharing basis of 3-4 students with all the basic amenities including beds, wardrobes, chairs, etc.

The hostel offers a leisure area with a TV and a reading hall where students can enjoy their leisure time.

Student Life

The university has a library with thousands of books, journals, manuscripts, etc. There is a student centre where all the students spend their quality time knowing about each others culture, tradition, etc.

The university believes in the holistic development of every student and thus offers various sporting facilities such as basketball courts, football grounds, swimming pool, gymnasium, etc.

Interesting facts about the City- Changchun

  • Changchun is the capital and largest city of Jilin Province, situated in the centre of the Songliao Plain.
  • Initially, the city was established on the imperial decree as a small trading post and frontier village during the rule of the Jiaxing Emperor in the Qing dynasty.
  • The automotive sector is an important industrial sector of the city.
  • The city usually experiences long, cold and windy winters and whereas the summers are hot and humid.
  • World Sculpture Park, Jingyue Pool and Puppet Emperors Palace (Wei Huang Gong) are some of the major tourist attractions of the city

Fees Structure 2024-2025

  Fees 1st Year Hostel Per Year One Time Charges Misc Charges Per Year Total 1 Years Total 2nd Year to 5th Yaers Total 5 Years
(Pre Medical) 35000 RMB INCL INCL INCL 35000 RMB 24600 RMB 133400 RMB

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