Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University

Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University is one of the Top Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan for higher medical studies. It is a well-known University for providing education in 45 different specialities and in 3 different areas. The University was established in the year 1993 at the capital city of Kyrgyzstan- Bishkek (formerly Frunze), based on the Treat On Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual assistance among the Kyrgyz Republic and the Russian Federation.

University constitutes the total of 80 well-versed academic blocks/departments with 25 institutes for students aesthetic education, fifteen large Educational & Scientific Centers, eight different faculties, six big centres for Research, four large-sized laboratories and a law centre. English is used as a medium of instruction for studies, which is an added advantage for International students. One of the best merits that students can get in this University is that they will get dual certification of the Russian Federation and the Kyrgyz Republic and foreign citizens- the Diplomas of international standard. The University enrols approx. 12,000 students out of which 1,735 are international students belong to various countries including India, Iran, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Palestine, Pakistan, Syria, United States etc.

Kyrgyz- Russian Slavic University offers globally recognized degrees which are listed with World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS) and accredited with the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) in the United States, Institute of International Medical Education (IIME), International Medical Education Directory (IMED), and Medical Council of India (MCI).

For international students, especially Indian students, the University is the best option to pursue MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.


  • Department of natural and engineering sciences
  • Economic theory
  • Department of Law
  • Department of Humanities
  • Department of International Relations
  • Department of Medicine
  • Department of Architecture, Design, and Construction
  • Department of Distant Education


The University provides guaranteed accommodation & dining facilities to all its international students.

Rooms of the hostel are fully-furnished with all the basic amenities required for living. Hostel offers comfortable and pocket-friendly stay along with basic requirements including water supply, heaters, air conditioning, TV, internet service, etc. In addition to this, Indian food is also available.

The cost of living and the tuition fee are very affordable and these are the two major reasons which make The Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University is one of the most popular destinations specifically among Indian medical aspirants seeking admission to pursue MBBS in Abroad.

Student Life

The university believes in the holistic development of every student studying there and for that, the university offers various types of cultural and activity centres inside the premises. KRSU offers various sports facilities inside the college premises such as basketball, football, tennis, volleyball, etc. Students are encouraged to participate in various different activities like competitions, cultural festivals, excursions, scientific conferences, and scientific events.

Interesting Facts about the City- Bishkek

  • Being the capital city of Kyrgyzstan, it shares its borders with Central Asias Tian Shan Range. It is considered as the largest city of Kyrgyzstan.
  • Formerly, it was known as Pishpek and Frunze. It is also the administrative centre of the Chuy Region.
  • Bishkek has both hot dry summer continental and the Mediterranean depending upon which isotherm would be used.
  • Major economic sectors of the city are hand-crafted pieces such as statues, carvings, paintings, and many nature-based sculptures.
  • Bishkek has its marble-clad seven-storey presidential office is just as imposing as its US namesake.
  • Main attractions of the city are White house, Burana Tower, Ala-Too Square, etc.

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