Poltova Ukrainian State Dentistry and Medical Academy

Poltova Ukrainian State Dentistry and Medical Academy

The academy is also known as the Higher State Educational Institution of Ukraine 

Poltova Ukrainian State Dentistry and Medical Academy. It is one of the oldest leading universities/medical institutions of Ukraine.
The history of the academy is divided into four periods with prominent developments at every stage. It emerged with the faculty of odontology which was established at Kharkiv Medical Academy in 1921. The faculty became the first academic functional Institution of Higher Education for the training of Doctors/Dentists. In 1931, the faculty was reassembled into the Kharkiv Dental Institute, which was then transferred to the city of Poltava in 1967.

The Academy has acquired the fourth level accreditation enforced by the Inter-departmental Accreditation Commission and the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. The Ukrainian Medical Dentistry Academy was established on the basis of a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

There are 55 departments in the academy; among them, 12 are graduating departments. The Academy participated in the rating of higher educational institutions of Ukraine in 2016 and ranked in Top 200 Ukraine and ranked 50th among the 200 best universities of Ukraine.

Breaking new ground, the academy encompasses No. 1, 2, dental faculty of foreign students medical training, medical college, department of pre-university training, preparatory department for international citizens, an educational scientific institute of postgraduate education, etc.

The Academy is famous among international students due to the quality education offered in a number of departments, affordable tuition fee and the other facilities necessary for the holistic development of the enrolled students.

International cooperation is one of the dominant activities of the academy, aimed at building healthy relationships for cooperation with foreign higher education institutions of Austria, Belarus, Armenia, UK, Greece, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, and Tajikistan.


  • Faculty of Dentistry/Stomatological
  • Faculty of Medicine (MBBS)
  • Faculty of Pediatrics
  • Faculty of Nursing


The academy accommodates its students in five academic buildings. The arrangement for the housing of the International students is 100% guaranteed. Campus, hostels/rooms are fully-equipped with all basic and modern amenities that are required for studying and living. The University also has a sports & recreation complex, a dining room, a household building, a vivarium and a hangar.

Student Life

Sports Camps & Recreation facilities are organized for the students, staff and teachers at the academy, every summer.

The management does not limit the curriculum to the academic development of the students, but it also takes care of their physical and intellectual development.

The campus houses facilities for basketball, badminton, squash and table tennis, a gymnasium and an outdoor Olympic-sized swimming pool. Thus the management wants the students to grow in a study-conducive environment, and encourage them to enhance their personality to serve humanity.

Interesting Facts about the City- Poltava

  • The city of Poltava is situated in the east-central part of Ukraine and lies on the banks of river Vorskla.
  • The city was initially founded by a Danish navigator in the year 1740 and was named as Vitus Bering. Later, the name of the city was changed to Petropavlovsk based on the name of two ships of the navigator.
  • The city is mainly known as one of the main centres of fishing and the economy of the city is dependent on the fishing industry, seafood processing plants etc.
  • The city experiences more boreal climate. Winters are mild and the summers are pleasant.
  • The city has various famous tourists spots such as Paratunskiye Hot Springs, Mishennaya Sopka, Gorely Volcano, Avachinsky bay, Kamchatka Regional Museum of Local Lore.

Fee Structure of MBBS for Academic Year 2024-2025

University Tution Fee Hostel Fee One Time Charges (Payable by Student)
 Poltova Ukrainian State Dentistry and Medical Academy  4000$ for 1st and 2nd year 4800$ from 3rd and 6th Year  1000$  2500$  

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