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American University of Barbados

, School of Medicine (AUB) was founded in the year 2011 at Wildey Estates in St. Michael, Barbados.  

Studying Medicine at the American University of Barbados is a great opportunity for all the medical students as it brings the students close to the frontier of latest scientific knowledge and paves a path towards the noble profession of being a Doctor within a distinct model of quality education. It offers one of the finest curriculums for MD in Barbados.

AUB is accredited by CAAM-HP, chartered by the Government of Barbados, licensed and approved by the Ministry of Education, Barbados and also, registered with the Barbados Accreditation Council.

It is enlisted with FAIMER, World Federation for Medical Education (WFME), and certified by Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). For Indian students, looking to studying MD in Barbados, there are many Top Medical University, American University of Barbados (AUB) is a standout option as the University is MCI (Medical Council of India) & by the Medical Council of Canada, approved.

AUB holds the expertise in its teaching model, which is equipped with thorough Structured Integration and Problem-based learning. It offers the quality medical education at an affordable cost towards the MD program with options for Scholarships.

AUB graduates can practice their medical career in virtually any part of the world. Indian students can practice in India, once they have completed their MD program, after qualifying the MCI Screening Test.

The University has a highly accomplished faculty, which makes sure to provide a huge learning experience to its students & quality teaching with effective methods.

AUB has an aesthetic infrastructure which is world-class in nature consisting of well-equipped academic buildings with the best technologies.

AUB offers a medical curriculum which is similar to the US style of education. Personalized teaching is an advantage as the class strength is small and the student-teacher ratio is apt, that helps the students with a great experience of personal guidance.

Faculties/ Courses

  • MD (Doctor of Medicine) program (Pre-medical + Basic Sciences + Clinical Sciences)
  • Doctor of Medicine program (Basic Sciences + Clinical Sciences)  


The University provides accommodation facilities to all its students, with special arrangements for the students with disabilities. AUB is committed to ensuring that qualified students with disabilities are offered reasonable accommodations.

Also, AUB has policies and procedures in place to accommodate the religious observances of students.

Student life-

A day in the life of a student in AUB is a combination of hard work and fun as the students are provided with quality medical education along with the best facilities and all the basic amenities.

The campus is secured as it has a security department, which takes care of all the required & suitable safety measures.

It has various indoor and outdoor sports available for the students with festivities and recreational programs organized occasionally.

Cafeteria and recreational rooms are present on the campus.

Students at AUB have access to more than 10,000 books and journals in the online library.

 Interesting facts about the city- Bridgetown

  • Bridgetown is the capital & the largest city of Barbados. Bridgetown is also locally mentioned as “The City” but most commonly it is referred to as “Town”.
  • The island was entirely abandoned. When the British landed on the island, it is believed that the only trace they found was a primitive bridge built over the Careenage area’s swamp, at the centre of Bridgetown.
  • The main economic sectors of Bridgetown, Barbados is agriculture & tourism. Bridgetown also has a well-monitored stock exchange with securities of Barbadian & regional Caribbean companies.
  • Bridgetown experiences a tropical wet & dry climate, with relatively uniform temperatures throughout the year.
  • Major tourists attractions of Bridgetown are Carlisle Bay, Parliament Buildings, National Heroes Square, St. Michael’s Cathedral, Queen’s Park, etc.
  • Bridgetown has access to everyday flights via the island’s Airport. The city also renders public buses & route taxis for its natives & tourists. These are also operated as taxicabs for hire.
  • International students can easily discover coffee shops and restaurants offering various cuisine. The European restaurants that offer exotic food like Cou-Cou, Flying fish filet and conkies, which are considered the all-time favourite food of both locals and tourists.
  • The best restaurants of Bridgetown are The Cliff, David’s Place, The Schooner, Nelson’s Arms, Nico’s and Waterfront Café for the  International students who study medicine in Bridgetown.

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