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University of Heidelberg

is the ancient German university, founded in 1386. The University can be counted as the best research university with a strong international orientation. It is also known as Ruperto Carola. It is an MCI approved and WDOMS listed University, which is playing a significant role in shaping the science and society from past 633 years. That is why; this is considered as one of the best among the entire list of Top Medical Universities in Germany to pursue MBBS in Germany.

The University became a coeducational university in 1899. It has twelve faculties with research and teaching staff of more than 5,000 scientists in which 450 are professors. They are highly professional and skilled professors who are preparing more than 30,000 students. The university offers undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degree programs to all the international and domestic students.

The medium of instruction is usually German while a good number of degrees are offered in English. The University has two hospitals in which the students practice and pursue their internship. In 2017, about 56 Noble Prize winners got affiliation with the institute. Programs like- Modern scientific psychiatry, psychiatric genetics, psychopharmacology, are introduced by the Heidelberg faculty as scientific disciplines.

Around, 1,000 students complete their doctorate program and pass out every year. In which more than one-third of students are foreign students. 20% of the student body is formed by international students from 130 countries.


There are two medical faculties in University Heidelberg.

  • Medical Faculty Heidelberg
  • Medical Faculty Mannheim


The university is in very high demand for Indian students because of its comfortable & affordable accommodation blocks, and Indian food availability. Every year, a large number of students take admission in the university.  There are various accommodation offers available for the students. University has its hostels and also had tied up with landlords for accommodation.

The student union has a private accommodation service in which rooms are provided by the private landlords. Students looking for the accommodation share room with other students.

The rooms are fully furnished enriched with the basic amenities. Single room, double room, and a room of more than two students are available.  

Student Life

Student life at University Heidelberg is very fascinating and worth experiencing. It offers a variety of sports- football, volleyball, athletics, swimming, sailing, judo, karate, yoga, etc. There are teams for each sport. Annual matches and competition are held, in which students actively participate.  

University focuses on the health and fitness of the students. It organizes many extracurricular activities, sends students to short trips, outing, and camping. Students also host hostel parties and enjoy their nightlife.

Interesting facts about the City- Heidelberg

  • The town in Baden-Wurttemberg, located in south-west Germany. It is considered as the fifth largest city of Baden and part of the densely populated Rhine- Neckar Metropolitan Region.
  • Heidelberg is mostly famous for the University Heidelberg, as it is 633 years old university which gave many renowned scientists and researchers.  
  • At Heidelberg, the summers are warm and winters are very cold and windy. The temperature mostly varies from 31°F to 80°F and is rarely below 18°F or above 91°F. It is partly cloudy over the year.
  • The economic sectors of the city are- Tourism, Industrialization, Roads (Tourist Roads), and Public Transport
  • The main forms of transportation in the town are Buses and Trams (Strassenbahn or Stadtbahn) with a central hub at Bismarktplatz in the Altstadt. Individual tickets facility is available for the people, but there are many special passes that make the travelling- easy, affordable and efficient to get around.
  • One of the biggest tourist attractions is the Christmas market, people come from different countries to celebrate Christmas there and explore the market.
  • Heidelberg is also known as “Romantic Town” due to which more than 3.5 million visitors come every year.
  • Multiple types of cuisines are available in every restaurant or food corner of Heidelberg, especially German food. Other cuisines are Saumagen, Studentenkuss, Spargel, Herzdrigger, etc.  Famous food corners of the town are Bay Jok (Thai cuisine), Hackteufuel, Tiger & Dragon’s and many more chains.

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