Vitebsk State Medical University

About University

Presently, Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU) is considered among the most prominent institutions of medicine in the Republic of Belarus. The university was established in the year 1934, November in the city of Vitebsk. VSMU started enrolling international students in the year 1981. In the year 1998, the institute was recognized as a university by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus.

All the aspirants who are looking forward to pursuing a higher qualification in the field of medicine in Belarus, Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU) is one of the largest and most renowned universities. At present, the university has more than 7200 students from 43 different countries. The management quality system of VSMU matches up with the international ISO 9001 standards. The entire curriculum related to academics is created and maintained as per the European Qualification Framework.

The degrees awarded by Vitebsk State Medical University are recognized by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), Philadelphia, USA, Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS, Dallas, USA), Lithuanian Center For Higher Education Quality Assessment, Ministry of Education of the Republic of Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Medical Councils of India, Republic of Maldives, Ireland and etc. and is enlisted with the World Directory Of Medical Schools.

Currently, VSMU has 7 faculties over 7000 students. The university comprises of a total of 63 departments which have 56 doctors of science working in them. Apart from doctors, there are 44 professors and 171 associate professors.

Vitebsk State Medical University has started its online e-learning system, where most of the educational materials are available on the internet for all the students.


  • Faculty of Preparatory Training;
  • Faculty of General Medicine (MBBS)
  • Faculty of Pharmaceutical
  • Faculty of Stomatology
  • Faculty of Overseas Students Training
  • Faculty of Advanced Training and Staff Retraining in Psychology and Pedagogic
  • Peoples Faculty Health Protection


The university offers 8 hostels and rooms are provided on sharing basis of the same gender. The rooms of the hostels are well furnished and are equipped with all the modern amenities such as high-speed internet facilities, television, and AC. Vitebsk State Medical University has 3 canteens and all of the 3 canteens serve Indian food. All the 8 hostels are under surveillance to ensure the security of every student.

Student Life

Vitebsk State Medical University provides a modern library that has a total of 550000 copies of Russian and English language books. The library offers online access to all the students to research databases, eBooks, and e-journals.

For the physical fitness of every student, the university has a gym, fitness and health centres that offer various kinds of sports and physical activity training. Students can indulge in a variety of sports activities like football, volleyball, basketball etc.

Interesting Facts about the City- Vitebsk

  • The city of Vitebsk is the capital of Viciebsk Region and is situated in the eastern region of Belarus near the two rivers: the Western Dvina and The Vitsba. In 2004, the city was considered as the fourth-largest city with 342, 381 citizens.
  • Since 1992, the city has been hosting an annual international art festival known as Slavianski Bazaar. The major participants in the festival are the artists from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, with a large number of guests from various countries.
  • The city experiences a fairly bearable temperature throughout the year.
  • The main economic sectors of the city include light industries, food processing, electricity generation, petrochemicals, and mechanical engineering.
  • The city of Vitebsk is popularly known as the land of lakes with more than 2800 lakes and 500 rivers.
  • The city also has one of the oldest buildings in the country: the Annunciation Church.
  • The city also houses, the Marc Chagall Museum and the Viciebsk regional museum, which is a major tourist attraction.

Fee Structure of MBBS for Academic Year 2024-2025

University Tution Fee (Every Year) Hostel Fee (Every Year) One Time Charge
Vitebsk State Medical University 4700$ 750$ 1500$

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