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The cost of evacuation

Know everything about evacuation and its cost

Previously we have already informed you “what can be the pros and Cons of evacuation and whether as a student you should get yourself evacuated or not”. So, now we will tell you about the monetary cost that you will have to pay for this evacuation including your flight price as well as the cost of the institutional quarantine that you have to be in after you come back to India. The cost of the flights of evacuating yourself will differ from 12,000 to 1 lakh rupees. It varies from country to country. We have provided you the flight list of all the countries.   

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As you know, the ministry of external affairs has made a ship and flight wise database of passengers based on their registrations, including information on RTPCS tests taken by the passengers and its result. This database will be shared with the different States and Union Territories too. The state and the center are together going to take care of every passenger. There are arrangements for all who will be evacuating for the mandatory 14 days institutional quarantine. Let me give you a brief of them:

  1. Hotel Lemon Tree Industrial Area, Chandigarh the cost start from 3,500 INR with meals
  2. Hotel Shivalik View Sector 17, Chandigarh, the cost starts from 3,300 INR with meals
  3. Hotel Mountain View, Sector 10, Chandigarh, The cost starts from 4,600 INR with meals.
  4. Hotel Rajhans, Surajkud, Haryana, The cost is 4,700 INR with meals.
  5. Vivanta by, Taj, Faridabad- cost 3,300 with meals
  6. Hotel Lemon Tree sector 29, Gurugram, the cost starts from 3.600 INR
  7. Sambodhi Resort, Gaya, Bihar. Cost 1600 INR with meals
  8. Hotel Mahamaya, Palace, Bakraur, costing 1600 INR with meals 
  9. Mascot Hotel, Trivandrum. Cost starting from 2850 INR with meals
  10. Tamarind Ktdc, Easy Hotel, the cost starts from 1200 INR with meals
  11. Tea County, Munnar- 2850 INR with meals
  12. Hotel Clarks Awadh, Lucknow. Cost starting from 2200 INR with meals
  13. Radisson Lucknow City Centre, Lucknow.- Cost starting from 2000 INR with meals

The names of all the hotels with all the facilities and the costs have been mentioned in the description box below. The per-day cost varies from 1,700 to 10,000 as per hotels.


No. Of hotels

Price (INR)



1300 - 9,000



200 - 3000



800 - 2800



950 - 2850



1500 - 2500



600 - 1600



700 - 2800

After living in the institutional quarantine for 14 days. All the passengers would have to take the COVID-19 test and only on being negative they would be sent back home. Now we will provide you the list of some of the institutional quarantine of different states.

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