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Hopes and dreams of studying abroad in 2021

Hope for Indian medical aspirants to study MBBS abroad in 2021!

Date: 15-02-2021

Are you considering pursuing your MBBS abroad in 2021?

Indian medical aspirants are well aware of the cut throat competition in government medical colleges on one hand, and the extravagance of private medical institutions on the other. 

Universities abroad are incentivising abroad education with scholarships and well formulated curriculums, offering promising academic opportunities

This article will be your guide to studying MBBS abroad and additionally offer an insight upon the affordable options to study abroad.

2021 For Indian Medical Aspirants

The Medical Council of India(MCI) agreed upon a one-time conditional exemption from the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test(NEET) for students looking forward to pursuing their MBBS abroad.

This step was taken, keeping in view the unprecedented pandemic circumstances. With NEET postponed thrice in the past year, students were allowed to admit themselves to foreign institutions without a prerequisite eligibility through NEET. 

However, the students will have to apply and clear the eligibility criteria in the next academic session to continue their medical studies. This way, not only are indian medical aspirants receiving the benefit to save a year, but also an opportunity to reappear in 2021.

However, a brief look at indian medical institutions presents an unfavourable picture for medical aspirants in 2021. Private medical universities plan to hike tuition fees in a post-pandemic India. 

For instance, private universities in Kerala went from 5-6 LPA before the pandemic, to a 12-13 LPA in the current circumstances.

Upsides Of Studying Abroad

Let us look at the top 8 reasons why you need to consider studying your MBBS abroad in 2021:

1. Decreased Financial Burden, Hence Pocket Friendly

Foriegn universities provide multiple scholarships and financial assistance to meritorious students. 

Countries like China and Russia are now offering instalment plans and cutting down on tuition fees to promote easier ways of affording higher studies abroad.

2. Extended Application Deadlines, So No Student Misses Out

Keeping in mind the delayed results from schools and colleges, most universities around the globe have extended their application deadlines to ensure maximum enrollment.

3. Quality Education

A well formulated, regularly revised curriculum ensures all medical aspirants form a strong basis for further education. A better grasp on the subject also means quality future professionals with a wide spectrum of specializations.

4. World Class Infrastructure

A good university infrastructure with great medical equipment ensures that the students get the best practical training. Top notch apparatus and amenities to work on prepares the students to be advanced and tech friendly as well.
5. Class Size

A smaller class size is always desirable as it ensures that every student is paid suitable attention to. This also means that the academic faculty is more approachable and student friendly.

6. Internationally Recognized Degrees

There are countries with international accreditations and many of them are MCI recognized. Flexibility of professional practise is desirable and some universities offer courses which have global recognition. 

7. Future Career Growth Prospects

Maximum job growth in foreign countries is expected for psychiatrists followed by family and general practitioners by 2028. Job growth is expected to be 7% for physicians and surgeons in the USA from 2018 to 2028. Australia expects a stable growth of 16.1% in the medical industry.

8. International Exposure

Abroad education provides an opportunity to indulge in and explore diverse cultures beyond one’s own. It teaches an individual the skill of self sustenance and explores one’s individuality.

Wrapping Up

Universities abroad offer ample opportunities for students wishing to pursue MBBS abroad. As an Indian medical aspirant, 2021 is a golden opportunity to reappear for NEET and yet not miss out on a crucial academic year.

When considering to study abroad, it is also important to get the best guidance and ensure you land up in a university that best suits your priorities. Start your application process today with Education Abroad Consultancy to get experienced insight and guidance.

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